What languages are spoken in Roatan?
Spanish is the official language of Honduras. However, English is also spoken in Roatan.
How many units will the development have?
There will be a total of 57 villas consisting of 15 one-bedroom, 30 two-bedroom, and 12 three-bedroom.
Is the water drinkable?
Reef View Villas we have a producing water well on the property, and we will be collecting rainwater in cisterns as well.  All water will be treated with high quality filtration systems.
Who supplies the electricity?
RACO is the public electric utility. The project will also feature the most reliable back-up power supply in the event of any loss in Island power.
What other costs will I incur in purchasing a property?
The buyer will provide a $500 escrow fee when the contract is signed. Transfer tax, registry fees, stamps, notary fee and other closing cost typically run about 4% of the purchase price and are paid at the time of closing.
How much is the property tax on Roatan?
Property tax on Roatan is about .35% of the value of the real estate.
In what currency are payments made?
All payments are made in US dollars.
Will all contract documents be in English?
All contract documents will be in English. Spanish versions are available upon request
What kind of building standards will be used in the building?
All construction will conform to North American standards.
How long will the construction take?
Construction is estimated to take between 12 to 18 months.
When will the resort be completed?
Construction is anticipated to begin in the first quarter of 2008, with the first buildings being completed as early as the end of 2008.
Is there any financing available?
Financing is available through local banks, with interest rates around 9.5%. However, we are currently working on alternate financing sources.
Will the buildings have elevators?
Each building will have an elevator.
What type of security will there be?
The entire development will have security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
What is the ceiling height?
Most of the units will have 9 foot ceilings. However, the penthouse units will have a ceiling height of 10 feet.
Do I need to furnish my villa?
Each unit is sold completely furnished, including all electronics, linens and kitchen wares.
What type of furniture will be provided?
Although, the furniture packages have not yet been finalized, all of the units will have Tommy Bahama style furnishings.
How are the bedrooms configured?
The master bedrooms will have king size beds and the secondary bedrooms will have two twin beds or one queen bed. There will also be a sleeper sofa in the living room.
Will the Villas be air-conditioned?
Each unit will have central air-conditioning.
Will there be management services available?
Each owner has the option of entering their unit into the rental pool, which will be managed by a professional full-service management team. The typical management fee will be 20%.
What is the population of Roatan and the Bay Islands?
The population of the Bay Islands is estimated at around 40,000, with about 30,000 of those on Roatan.
What time zone are Honduras and the Bay Islands in?
Honduras is in the Central Time zone and does not observe daylight saving time. Honduras is 6 hours behind Greenwich mean time (GMT).
What is the climate of Roatan?

Roatan is warm all year round with very little temperature variation. It is one of the Windward Islands, so there is always a cooling, temperate breeze. The dry season is from January to August and the rainy season is from September to early December.

The yearly average temperature in Roatan is 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The island receives constant trade winds keeping the climate cool and a reasonable rainfall, which mainly falls in December to February.

What type of electricity is used?
Throughout Roatan and the bay islands, 110 volts, 60 MHz, is used. This is identical to the US with the same plugs.
What is the diving like on Roatan?
The diving on Roatan is incredible! People come from all over the world, not only for the reasonable diving and dive training prices, but because of the wide array of sea life. Roatan is surrounded by a reef system, which is part of the second largest reef system in the world. Much of the reef of Roatan is only a short swim away from the shoreline. A large part of the Roatan reef has been protected by the Honduran government and is known as the West End and Sandy Bay Marine Reserve. This Marine Reserve is home to 38 world-class dive sites and some of the most species rich waters in the Caribbean.
What bird life can be found on Roatan?
More than 120 species of birds are found of these only about 40 species actually live and nest on Roatan the rest of the species are migratory. The Yellow Naped Parrot is one of the more famous resident species as it is listed as an endangered species in Honduras, additionally several Hummingbirds, Golden-Fronted Woodpeckers, Osprey and the Great Tailed Grackle are regularly seen.
Of the migratory birds Warblers, Vireos, Tanagers are the most commonly seen also a variety of Caribbean Sea birds can also be seen such as the White Ibis, Brown Pelican, Frigate Bird and the Roseate Tern.
What Reptiles and Amphibians can be found on Roatan?
Under 40 reptile species are found on Roatan included in these are several endangered species of sea turtles including the Hawksbill. Six species of frogs are found, 15 lizard species and 13 snake species the only poisonous species being the Coral Snake.
What plant life can be found on Roatan?
The favorable climate of Roatan of warm temperature and heavy rainfall supports a variety of plant life and Eco systems. Areas of tropical forest are found on Roatan and are home to a wide range of tropical species. Fruit tress – Hog Plum and Nance, Strangler Fig Trees, Bromeliads, Ferns, Orchids, Bamboo, Palms and many more diverse species are all common sights.

Mangrove forests are found throughout Roatan and play an important role in protecting the coastal areas from storm and hurricane damage. Mangroves also are important breeding grounds for a variety of marine life. Red Mangroves, Black Mangroves, White Mangroves and Buttonwood are the 4 common species of Mangroves on Roatan.
A variety of plants fringe Roatan beaches. Coconut Palms symbolize Caribbean beaches as they do Roatan. A variety of additional plants such as Coco Plums, Sea Grapes, Almond Trees and a variety of vines and bright flowering plants add to the color and attractiveness of the Islands Caribbean Beaches.
Can I go to Honduras without a passport?
A valid passport is required for all visitors to Honduras. No other documents will suffice, and the airlines will not let you board the plane without it.
Can we rent a car on Roatan or mainland Honduras?
Yes, there are several car rental agencies listed on www.roatanet.com and www.travel-to-honduras.com. Most companies also have offices in the airport, and will meet you at your flight. To drive legally on Roatan and in Honduras, you need a valid driver's license from your place of residence. You may drive with a foreign license for up to 30 days. Beyond that you will need to apply for a Honduran license.
How do I get around Honduras and the Bay Islands?
Regular domestic flights service Roatan. Ferry services run from La Ceiba to Roatan and back daily. Throughout the Bay Islands you will find water taxis as well for hire. Taxis can be found in larger towns and all fares are negotiable. Cars can be rented also throughout the island. Within Roatan you can find mini-buses for short trips.
How do we get to Roatan, the Bay Islands or Honduras?
Roatan International Airport is serviced by TACA, Sol Air, Continental and Delta.
Is there a Departure Tax?
Foreign travelers over the age of 12 must pay USD$25 or the equivalent in lempiras upon departure.
What kind of money can I use or should I bring?
The official currency is the Lempira. The rate versus the US dollar fluctuates. US dollars are accepted often in tourist areas and especially Roatan. Credit cards are accepted in the larger tourist areas and at most restaurants, hotels and stores. Cash advances can be taken on Visa cards at many banks. Also ATM machines can be used in the larger cities throughout the country. Traveler's checks can be exchanged at most banks or hotels. It is NOT recommended to bring any other currency than US dollars, since other currencies can be difficult or impossible to exchange. December 28, 2006, the Lempira compared to the US $1 = Lps. 18.895
What are Health facilities like in the Bay Islands and Honduras?
On Roatan there is the public hospital and the private Wood's Clinic.
What is required to bring pets into Honduras?
According to the Honduran Embassy, you need a health certificate and USDA approval from a veterinarian. Then you are supposed to take that to the nearest Honduran Embassy/Consulate for some sort of "authorization" stamp and of course a fee. In practice, what most everyone has done is to make sure all shots are up to date and the visit to the vet for the health certificate is ten days or less before you leave for your trip.

You need to check carefully with the airlines. During certain times of the year, they won't allow pets to be transported or they may limit your number of pets allowed.

There may be a small customs fee when you arrive and you may be required to have a local vet examine the animal for another small fee.
All pets should be given purified water, which you will be drinking as well, often from 5 gallon bottles. There may be other health issues for specific animals, like flea and tick prevention, or for cats and dogs, the absolute requirement of heart worm pills. Check with your vet for additional info.